One Bag of Rice


This poem was inspired by a news segment on CNN's AC360º during the the aftermath of the Haiti earthqwake. A man was given a bag of rice by relief workers and on his way home was attacked and killed for the bag by another hungry, despirate man. The camera was rolling as the man died before our eyes.  Next Poem

I watched him quiver
as he lay there to die.

His wide, blank eyes darting
as he looked to the sky.

As if bewildered 
to ask his God. Why?

Only hot Haitian pavement 
to cradle his cry.

It wasn't the earthquake 
that took his last breath.

Nor his friends and his family 
that had been crushed to death.

It was hunger that brought
this one bag of rice.

But it should not have come
at such a high price.

For others, more brutish, 
with envy would brood.

Then a blow to his head 
would win them his food.

Desperation is fear
that doesn't ask; Why?

No matter the reason
one more has to die.

Self preservation: 
the ultimate vice.

Salvation delivered 
for one bag of rice.

N.N.  1/22/10   © N.N. 2012