Khalan / Kalli 

Morning comes as promised spring 

And life unfolds its feathered wing 

As sunlight spreads to chase the gloom 

Light flickers from each fretted plume 

Then shatters to a million rays 

In shards of possibilities 

Khalan will wince and flee to hide

‘Neath shields of fear, desire and pride 

He screams that he will be no slave 

Yet seeks for life in shadow’s cave 

And lives on stolen bits of light 

By chance dispersed through cracks of night 

Kalli will wake in meadows green 

Then lift his gaze to drink the scene 

He stands and opens wide his arms 

To gather in the sparkling shards 

And lovingly caress the rays 

That fill with wonder all his days 

Now spreading wide her wings of light 

Once again life takes to flight 

And soars to give this spirit cause 

To make what can be from what was 

Choose quickly now for she will fly 

Choose quickly now,  Khalan/Kalli 

N.N.   8/8/89