Foil For The Innocent

Fate has brought me here today

from long ago and far away

‘Cross the trials of circumstance

in woven wings of choice and chance

O’re meadows of love and joy

roamed that innocent wide-eyed boy

Through the hearts and minds of men,

past bitterness and back again

Time has taught me “why” and “how”

to be the one I must be now

Straight the path ahead I see

though fraught with fire my trail may be

Though my senses leave me blind,

I am of but, one heart and mind

Tender moments I once knew,

now harden me to what I do

To defend with cold hard steel;

the right to love, the right to feel

‘Gainst the dreaded greed of men

who would have me bow down to them

And scorn the life I have lived,

then take away... what all should give

Here stand I... fate’s instrument...

firm foil for the innocent

Coursing where fate bids me go

from far away and long ago

N.N. 1/3/90