Country Woman, (Aunt Helen) 

The sound of delight as I recall 

    was wrapped within her laughter’s fall 

Her joyous smile like summer’s sun  

    could lift the heart of her brother’s son 

She was the sound of a dinner bell  

    pealing over the meadow’s swell 

Through the warm, still air of July  

    to bring the promise of homemade pie 

All the gifts of the fruitful lands  

    became delicious in her hands 

From roasted corn to scrambled eggs  

    or hot apple sauce and turkey legs 

While she would hum on the front porch swing  

    this city boy was listening 

To the sound of fresh green beans ‘snap’  

    in the big round bowl held on her lap 

I remember being scrubbed and fed  

    then tucked into a feathered bed 

With sheets that smelled like summer air  

    Oh how I loved my visits there 

And through the years I watched her face  

    the trials of life with glowing grace 

Country woman, a giving heart  

    who lifted laughter to an art 

She was honest as the growing tree  

    and made me know that I should be 

And through her smile I have learned  

    true joy in life is spent not earned 

N.N.  11/92