I got a owie on my chin when my horsey ran away 

“Cause a BIG snake came and scared him and he ran and ran all day

I tried so hard to catch his tail but the snake was after ME 

So I jumped on a big tin pail then I climbed a tall green tree

I climbed up to a EAGLE’s  nest bigger than my mommy’s bed 

I tried to hide; I tried my best but the eagle came and said:

“What are you doing in my house? You do not belong up here!” 

He grabbed me like I was a mouse and he flew up in the air

He flew me to a mountaintop then he dropped me in the snow 

I got so cold I could not stop my two knees from knocking so

So I slid down from that mountain on two skis I made from ice 

I don’t want to do that again ‘cause it wasn’t very nice

When I got down I found a train that would take me back to town 

The driver let me pull the chain and I made that whistle sound

When I got home my mommy said it was time I should come in 

I climbed the stairs to go to bed when I slipped and cut my chin

I only cried a little bit... so my mommy tucked me in

N.N.  12/2/89