Dream As a Child 

If I dream as I did

when I was a child

when dreams were unshackled 

and free to run wild

When breezes were sweet 

and the world was new 

when my dreams were as deep 

as the skies were blue

I would run through the fields 

with wonder and pluck

and my troubles would roll 

like rain off a duck

With nothing forbidden 

and nothing untrue 

before I was told of 

the things I can’t do

If I didn’t know 

what I new not then 

the dreams I would dream would 

go on without end

They would grow like a flower 

or fields of gold grain 

and I would dance through them 

in sunshine or rain

I would nourish the dreams 

that others would do 

and help them to grow so

that they would come true

Then laugh and be happy 

to see their dreams flow 

and share in their joy that 

we’d all come to know

Oh... how my heart aches for 

the freedom to dream 

like those children at play 

with minds fresh and clean

As free as the sunshine 

that flows from above 

and filled with the wonder 

that they know as love

N.N.   7/19/09