Poetry and Mind Ramblings of Norm Nanstiel

"Poems Through My Head"  –  published 2008

    My poems come from observing life. They are about emotions, about fun, nature, wonder, appreciation and thanks. Poetry is my way of looking deeper into life; becoming aware through reflection. Looking at life this way has brought me to understand that our needs are really simple; it is our wants that complicate our lives. We are all wounded in some way; either we walk with a limp or with fear in our heart. Poetry helps us find our way.

     Some of my poems are spontaneous and others I have taken years to write. I cover a variety of subjects Some of my poems are just a few lines and some are a few pages long but I always have enjoyed writing them. If you take the time to read a few I will be happy and you may be too

"Poems Through My Heart”  –  published 2009

    This second collection of my poems was taken from many notes and sketches made during camping trips, backpacking, skiing with friends, motorcycle trips, listening to current events or just enjoying the bustle of life around me. We all filter what we see and hear through our hearts, minds, prejudices and beliefs like judging machines for good or ill and what we choose to judge says as much about us as the way we express it. My poetry is no exception; it reflects my perspective and my approach to life... the way I see things. It also shows my belief in humanity and its ability to overcome our intolerances and reach toward brotherhood. 

    If you enjoyed any of the poems in my first collection I am sure you will find something on these pages to enjoy too.

"Dream As A Child” – Published on Kindle

    This is my third collection and is available as na Ebook download from Kindle or Amazon. The Poem "Dream As A Child" was inspired by the images of my childhood like the photos featured on the book cover of me, my siblings, my Mom, Dad and grandmother. The mere viewing of these photos brought a flood of memories and a chance to revisit forgotten dreams. Perhaps you may remember some of your childhood dreams as you read these lines. Then, whether happy or bittersweet they will help you see the child is still there inside of you. 

“It Was A Morning”, One of my Childrens’s Books is available here to view.

"Song of Klee”, Another of my Childrens’s Books of young love

Hello Leaf   A Childrens Book of familiar leaves

“Sniffy & the Butterfly”  A Childrens Book told on rhyming phrase

“Owie”  A Childrens Book of how she hurt her chin

“Chirp, Chirp”  A Childrens Book Good luck with a cricket

Additional Poems